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Grace Fellowship is a Christian fellowship on a journey with the Father, Son and Spirit.  An important part of that journey includes both local and foreign missions, to bring hope, healing and comfort for all people.



The Grace Fellowship Community Kitchen provides a free lunch the last Tuesday of every month.  This is only possible through the ongoing support and commitment of many local business and volunteers.  Each month we provide approximately 1000 meals.  Our mission is to serve our community by sharing the love of Jesus with good food, compassion and hope.


Appalachian Pregnancy Care Center - The Appalachian Pregnancy Care Center offers a comprehensive system of support and service for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies and their newborns. It provides necessary pre and post natal education resources and helps new mothers avoid the pitfalls that often accompany an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.


Mountain Mission School - Since 1921, God has brought more than 20,000 at-risk youth out of their distress and into the land of promise that is Grundy’s Mountain Mission School.  We serve as home, church and school to more than 200 kids in need, coming to us not only from Appalachia, but also from more than 60 countries worldwide.  MMS provides each child with the foundation of first-rate academics, a loving family environment, positive social support, and a firm commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Generations Ministry offers Christ-centered Camps, short-term Mission Trips and Leader Development Programs, GenMin helps churches love kids, develop leaders and send a generation of young disciples of Jesus to live and share the gospel of Jesus in their families, churches and communities.

GCnext focuses on planting seeds for the next generation. This mission is conducted through a partnership of churches and denominational ministries to recruit, mentor, send, coach and otherwise resource men and women called by God to serve as church planters and pastors and ministry leaders .




Bengali Evangelical Association proclaims the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ to the poor and destitute of Bangladesh.   Some of the ways they serve the people of Bangladesh is to help make them self-sufficient through their Self-Help Program.  Goats are provided to poor families which allow them to feed their families and support them through the sale of milk and cheese.  Another program is called the Nightingales of Bangladesh which offers a nurse’s aide training program that accepts young village women of all faiths and makes them into what some have called nursing nightingales. Upon completion of this program they are able to support themselves and their families. The course also exposes them to the gospel and to Christian values, which they in turn share with those they serve.

Africa Missions: Malawi and Zambia, Africa Grace Fellowship partners with Christ Fellowship Church in Cincinnati to Co-Sponsor several churches in the regions of Malawi and Zambia.  Our sponsorship helps provide blankets and mosquito nets to families in need.  We also collect prescription eye glasses and Bibles which are taken over by our Mission Teams.  Another way we serve is by providing monetary support for the building of new churches in those regions.


Ron Tiller and Debby Bailey with Kalengule Kaoma who oversees mission work in Africa that we Grace Fellowship of Pikeville supports.

Ron Tiller and Debby Bailey (left side) with John and Naomi Biswas, who oversee the mission in Bangladesh that Grace Fellowship of Pikeville supports.

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