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Impacting the community while helping people walk with Jesus.

Our Vision: The vision of Grace Fellowship is to provide a place where all who come feel the acceptance and love of the Father as we journey with Jesus while following the lead of the Holy Spirit.

We Believe:


1.  All people are valuable  

(and want them to develop an intimate personal relationship with Jesus Christ)


2.  The Word of God is the foundation of biblical teaching

(and relevant to the lives of all people)


3.  God wants all people to grow and become spiritually mature

(thru a prayer life, Bible study, servant leadership, fellowship with believers)


4. God wants us to reach out and build relationships

(with people who do and do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ)


5. We can accomplish more to advance the kingdom of God by partnering with others

(supporting churches and organizations on events aimed at helping people in the community)


6.  Sincere and inspiring worship is an essential part of the church service

(thru singing, praying, giving offerings, messages from Word of God, serving)


7.  Our church should be flexible

(in order to minister the truth of God’s Word most effectively in a changing culture)



Pastors Mike Stewart, Debby Bailey and Ron Tiller (left and right) with Grace Communion International President Greg Williams (center left).

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